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Certainly classical electrodynamics and thermodynamics as well as quantum theory provide a basis for biophoton theory purchase aricept 5 mg otc symptoms juvenile diabetes. The Mean value is of the N=number of photons of hv=Energy of a homogeneous electromagnetic field (? This mean value can be estimated by 2 equating the energies nhv of the photons and ? 0/(8? ) | E0| V of the field where ? 0=Dielectric constant and V=Volume of field generic aricept 10 mg fast delivery medications kidney damage. A photon in the optical range of 3 eV equals a field amplitude 6 9 3 of 10 V/cm over a cell volume of 10 cm buy 10mg aricept mastercard treatment 02 binh. The aforementioned draws the following conclusion; "Electric Field Amplitudes (of the cavity modes) which stabilize the mitotic figures are in the 6 range of 10 V/cm (corresponding to about the membrane field components). It would take only xcv[95] one photon in the optical range would suffice for this effect. Popp states, "living systems may be looked upon as the most stable forms of matter through use of the storage of sunrays" with the resonators model as a powerful tool in understanding xcvii[97] biophoton emission. Since the sun is very hot and the earth is comparatively very cold the light from the sun either reflects from the earth or through a process of entropy transforms heat to cold. To sustain life organisms must prolong this process by optimizing their "storage capacity for xcviii[98] sunlight. A resonator value within any cavity (including the cell) can be determined and Popp states that there is a "clear connection between the resonator value of a cavity and its information content. The variables are defined as follows; Q*=resonator value of the quantum coherent resonator Q=value of the classical "chaotic" resonator C=ratio of a quantum coherent energy distribution of the resonator to the totally available (chaotic + coherent) energy. The high storage time and ability to emit or to remove photons actively for C>1 is reflected in this equation; Eq. Bose-Einstein condensate (Bose-condensation) (Bose-condensation-like phenomena) as postulated by Herbert Frohlich can also be explained by taking the Bose–Einstein statistics (Bose-Einstein Distribution) "of the spectral photon density (number of photons per units of volume and wavelength ? ) at temperature Eq. Entropy in the system is increased along with the value of ? >0 when a biophoton is absorbed by the multiplier outside the system (dn<0) as depicted in Fig. This demonstrates the Bose-Einstein condensate (Bose-condensation) (Bose condensation effect) of the Frohlich mode (? C=1 determines that all of the energy of this system conforms to a coherent field except the classic currents. In the case of classical currents resonance-like absorption of photons in the mode W? 1 occurs. Can we determine the nature of biophoton emission by analyzing its average spectral intensity? The mainstream critics are quick to remind that cellular damage increases oxidative stress, electron leakage, and increased concentration of superoxide with the greater potential for electron swapping and thus increased photon production. However proponents argue a correlation between greater wound healing and increased photon production, which reverses with lower levels of photon emission. Could Biophoton emissions for example signal malignancy in tissue before more conventional imaging?


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Terminology These terms can be combined with one another or other qualifers used to describe disturbances at different levels is given in to produce descriptions such as focal encephalopathy purchase 5mg aricept otc treatment 2 go, or Box 1 order aricept 5 mg otc symptoms glaucoma. The central nervous system the cerebral hemispheres the cerebral hemispheres contain the apparatus of higher function cheap aricept 10 mg on-line medicine 606. The dominant hemisphere (left in right-handed people) controls speech and the non-dominant hemisphere Frontal Parietal provides more spatial awareness. Occipital ¦ Temporal – memory and emotions and, in the dominant hemisphere, comprehension of speech. Cerebellum Brain stem ¦ Parietal – sensation of the opposite side of the body and appreciation of space, especially in the non-dominant hemisphere. Neuro- the basal ganglia muscular the basal ganglia are interconnected deep nuclei including junction the putamen, caudate, globus pallidum and substantia nigra with complicated interrelations. For the most part, Nerve root detailed appreciation of their anatomy is not essential Plexus because, when things go wrong, they produce clinical syndromes such as Parkinson’s disease. Muscle Cauda equina Cerebellum K2 the cerebellum coordinates movement and is important in Fig. The cerebellar Organization of the nervous system 3 Cranial nerve the peripheral nervous system nuclei the nerve roots leave the spinal canal through their exit Medial foramina. The roots combine in the cervical and lumbosacral Fourth ventricle regions to form the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus. Stimulation of the motor nerves will then lead to the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, which binds to acetylcholine receptors, leading to muscle contraction. Motor levels In addition to considering these anatomical levels, clinicians group patterns of muscle weakness together as follows: hemispheres control coordination on the same side of the ¦ Upper motor neurone, including the corticospinal system body. The central cerebellar structures are important in gait from the cortex up to the synapse with the anterior horn and sitting balance. The descending motor tract, the corticospinal most motor defcits can be classifed on clinical grounds. The most useful nuclei for localization are the 3rd, the autonomic nervous system controls the automatic 4th, 6th, 7th and 12th. It is classifed into two cross in the brain stem is helpful in localization of any divisions: lesion. A brain stem lesion can produce a cranial nerve lesion on one side and limb signs on the other side (e. The spinal cord contains the sensory and motor tracts and This is considered further on pages 114–115.

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Our task in the physical realm is to give birth and mature an energy body buy aricept 5mg fast delivery medications for schizophrenia, which can sustain spiritual consciousness order 10mg aricept free shipping treatment laryngomalacia infant, the energy body can only grow and mature in the physical realm (Taoist masters may disagree on this point) cheap 5 mg aricept free shipping symptoms 5dp5dt fet, that is when we have a physical body. In order to do this the energy body must be nurtured in a neutral energy environment. This includes too much anger or kindness, fear or gentleness, joy and spitefulness ect. All of this is carried by our consciousness after physical death imprinted and stored in a light signature. This is likened to the slow process of creating a pearl only at the center of the pearl is the energy body and the outer layers are made of light energy. Both the energy body and consciousness are poised between two large energy balls above and below our heads (The Indian system I believe calls these atman and Brahman. Once an energy body is stabilized we become enlightened beings similar to Abraham Maslow’s (1908–1970) actualized being. Perhaps our spirit is a light wave signature embedded in Eugenio Calabi’s (1923-present) and Shing-Tung Yau’s (1949-present) Calabi-Yau manifold. Thermal Photons Emission, Cavity Resonator Waves, long lasting photon storage, resonance wavelengths, transverse magnetic and electric modes, dielectric resonant cavity, (eigenvalues of the Bessel functions m, n correspond to the radial axis and p to the length of a right circular cylindrical cavity. What is a thermal photon and how are the number of these counted within a single cell anyway? Given that the high chemical reaction rate 10 =100,000 per cell per sec the number of thermal photons says Popp are insufficient to explain this high reaction rate? In other words you would 14 need vastly more photons in the cell to explain the high reaction rate on the order of 10 (100,000,000,000,000=100 trillion) since at least one of the chemical reactants needs a little electrical buzz to allow the chemical reaction. Popp implies that these are the other biological phenomena (high number of chemical reactions), which explain the existence of photons within cells. Could the same mechanism be at work between the cells of organisms only in this case ultra weak photon emissions and has this been considered? Please expand on the "implications (biophotons) this could have for developmental biology, as well as injury healing. Talk about non-classical or squeezed light behaviors referencing quantum entanglement aka Einstein’s " "spooky action at a distance. Are there cancers for example that simultaneously appear in different parts of the body with no currently known route of transmission? Have we been able to image any of this and if so by what technology is imaging possible?

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Atheroma commonly arises at the junctions of arteries 10 mg aricept overnight delivery symptoms stiff neck, Stroke is the third most common cause of death in for example the carotid bifurcation and the point where developed countries purchase aricept 5 mg without a prescription treatment bulging disc. The incidence of frst stroke is 2 per the two vertebral arteries join to form the basilar artery 1000 per year purchase aricept 5 mg amex hair treatment. This is usually a gradual process and anastomotic for those aged 65–74 years and to about 30 per 1000 per channels can develop, either around the circle of Willis. Stenosis patients will be dead within 6 months (the majority of these can develop and proceed to occlusion of a vessel without within 1 month). However, the atheromatous their frst stroke, 40% of surviving patients will be plaque can lead to cerebral ischaemia in several ways: dependent at 6 months. Pathogenesis Cerebral infarction accounts for 80% of strokes, 15% are primary intracerebral haemorrhages and 5% are due to subarachnoid haemorrhages (p. Table 1 Risk factors for atheroma and relative risk of stroke Cerebral infarction risk factors for atheroma relative risk of stroke Cerebral infarction results from an interruption in blood Hypertension 5 supply to an area of the brain. Cholesterol Atheroma Excess alcohol intake 1–4 Atheroma is an important factor in both embolic and thrombotic strokes. A similar pathological process, occurring in patients with the same risk factors, produces intracerebral small vessel disease. Anterior cerebral Anterior communicating Middle cerebral Atherosclerosis of small vessels Posterior Internal carotid communicating Posterior cerebral Atherosclerosis of major arteries, carotid or vertebral Basilar Heart valves Left atrial thrombus (Atrial fibrillation) Vertebral Mural thrombi K2 Fig. Stroke I 65 ¦ Haemorrhage into an ulcerated clotting, for example polycythaemia, may be involved in the pathogenesis of plaque can produce a rapidly thrombocythaemia, sickle cell disease the cell death. Embolic strokes defciencies and antiphospholipid Areas of necrosis will then swell, An embolus is an abnormal particle syndrome). This swelling increases commonly arise from either the heart usually occurs in association with over 5 days and then gradually clears. The most common sources of emboli arterial dissection can arise if the a middle cerebral artery occlusion; p. This produces a stenosis of deterioration due to cerebral left ventricular dilatation. This is the intracerebral haemorrhage where the subacute bacterial endocarditis, calcium commonest identifable cause of stroke haematoma increases the mass effect. Emboli from the Small vessel disease changes that led to the stroke are heart account for about 10% of all Intracerebral small vessel disease refers stable and the recovery phase of the strokes. In patients who have consist of plaque debris, cholesterol a predisposition to atheroma. Intracerebral haemorrhage is usually due to hypertension (primary Thrombotic strokes Some rarer types of stroke intracerebral haemorrhage). This Thrombosis arises in three main occurs when small penetrating arteries Hypotensive/watershed strokes. More rarely, thrombosis can white matter (20%), pons (10%) and strokes sometimes referred to as occur in infammatory arterial diseases, cerebellum (10%). However, sometimes the abnormality in haemostasis or when direction of rupture of an aneurysm Abnormal tendency of the blood there is some irritation of the venous can result in most of the haemorrhage to thrombose.

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