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Spatal and Temporal Dependencies Among the major fndings of our earlier studies was the apparent independence of the yield on the spatal or temporal distance between the percipient and the target buy genuine clarithromycin on-line gastritis diet . These parameters may be re-assessed by the revised scoring process for the larger data base now in hand buy clarithromycin 250 mg cheap gastritis nunca mas. Figures 13 and 14 are scaterplots of the 336 formal individual trial z-scores as functons of distance and tme purchase 500mg clarithromycin otc gastritis symptoms livestrong, respectvely, with best ft and chance expectaton lines superimposed. Multple regression analyses again indicate that only the constant terms -- the overall mean shifs -- are statstcally signifcant, with the linear and higher order terms statstcally indistnguishable from zero. In other words, within the ranges of this data base there are no signifcant correlatons with either distance or tme. First, since all of the ex post facto trials preceded the ab inito group, one might simply postulate a “decline efect” between the two sets. However, the regularity of yield of the later group alone over several years of experimentaton would suggest rejecton of this hypothesis. Second, most of the ex post facto perceptons were tape recorded, as percipients verbalized their impressions in a free-associaton style over the full ten to ffeen minute period of the trial. As a result, the majority of these transcripts contain considerably more descriptve material than the hand-writen versions typical of the later ab inito trials. Once the descriptor questons were in use, although percipients stll were urged to allow their imagery free rein, it was inevitable that they would tend to focus their awareness to varying degrees on those features specifcally addressed by the questons, thereby constraining the more free-fowing, difuse scanning style apparent in many of the earlier transcripts. Before concluding that the use of descriptor questons per se is an inhibitng factor, however, it should also be recalled that in the development of the analytcal judging methodology the choice of descriptor questons was strongly infuenced by the contents of these same early trials. Hence, it should not be surprising to fnd that the ex post facto trials gain some advantage when quantfed by these criteria. Finally, it may be worth notng that the ab inito data were generated for the primary purpose of testng and refning the established analytcal scoring methods, whereas the ex post facto trials were empirical atempts to replicate earlier studies and to explore the limits of the phenomenon itself. The experimenters’ and partcipants’ goals and attudes, being more oriented toward analytcal concerns in the later ab inito experiments, may thus possibly have had an inhibitory infuence on the more aesthetc dimensions of the process, consistent with some consciousness “uncertainty” relatonship like that suggested in our theoretcal model. Table G displays in the ex post facto ab inito scoring disparity without much further systematc experimentaton. In neither case are the diferences signifcant [t = another example, in a number of the exploratory trials, although the date was pre-arranged, the 1. All told, 42 trials were conducted where target visitaton was equal to or greater than ±12 hours and for those less than ±12 hours. In both cases, efect sizes in the two groups are again statstcally Appendix A-I), which consisted of 20 tme-unspecifed trials, the percipient mistakenly began the indistnguishable (t = 0.

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The acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points all are energetc points and as such have energetc profles clarithromycin 250mg without a prescription chronic gastritis what not to eat. This energetc profle has voltage order generic clarithromycin pills gastritis diet 6 meals, amperage buy clarithromycin online now xylitol gastritis, res freq, and many other electrical components. Trying to reduce this patern to just one variable like resistance will rob our ability to efect it properly. By using a complex mult dimensional shape we can truly measure the electroacupuncture points. We will now be able to see if the point electro dynamics are within healthy norms. If we run the proper electrodynamics from a computer into the body, we can then measure the bodies evoked potental to the stmulaton. If the body does not need this energy patern the energy will resonate and return to the computer. If the body needs this energy due to a weak acupoint, the energy will be absorbed into the body and not return to the computer. Thus we can measure the total acupoints of the body and efect repair of the same and automatcally treat the acupoints in total within seconds. To measure these paterns we need to frst measure the overall electrical patern of the patent. This includes the resistance , impedance, voltage, amperage, capacitance, inductance, resonant and harmonic frequencies, ph, eh, reactance, polarity ,evoked potental, etc. Then we measure the individual meridians of these patents in the context of the individual paterns. Atempts to measure just one parameter such as resistance or resonant frequency will be grossly inaccurate. Instead a fractal dynamics of non linear data analysis must be used for the best results. Afer 12 years of analysis a computer program capable of performing the vast numbers of individual analysis has been developed. The end resultng computer program can now analyze and treat meridians and specifc points. Only by systemic analysis of the electrical trivector signature can the paterns be best analyzed. A cybernetc loop and link can be established where the computer can treat check and retreat in a consistent loop tll the energetc imperfecton is abolished, corrected, or tll the system refuses to respond. Simply put this computer can interact during therapy with the patent to adjust the therapy for individual needs. To accomplish this task in just twelve years took tremendous dedicaton and extreme sacrifce. When others were out enjoying the weekend, I worked on electrical parameter testng.

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He is now a theoretical physicist at The essence of a local interaction is direct contact - as basic as a punch in the nose discount clarithromycin online visa gastritis diet cabbage. Break the chain by 110 111 taking out a single gear and the movement cannot continue buy clarithromycin 500mg online gastritis weight loss. It is conceivable that a local force might stay constant or even increase with distance from its source (the On the other hand purchase clarithromycin overnight delivery gastritis symptoms burping, the essence of non-locality is unmediated action-at a-distance. A non-local interaction force of a stretched spring, for instance increases with distance). The big four forces that hold the world jumps from body A to body B without touching anything in between. Voodoo injury is an example of a together happen, however, all to decrease with distance - gravity and electromagnetism diminish as the non-local interaction. When a voodoo practitioner sticks a pin in her doll, the distant target is (supposedly) inverse square; the strong and weak forces fall of considerably faster. Without beneft of mediation, a non-local The toughest limitation on a local interaction is how fast it can travel. This feld distorts frst near object A, and then the feld warp moves off to distant regions. According to Einstein, no mate vial object can travel faster than light; not even the less material reject non-local interactions as a basis for explaining what goes on in the world. When A "That one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum without the mediation of anything connects to B non-locally, nothing crosses the intervening space, hence no amount of interposed else is to me so great an absurdity, that I believe no man, who has in philosophical matters a competent matter can shield the interaction. They are as poten at a million miles as at a Given his antipathy for non-local forces, Newton was somewhat embarrassed by his own theory of millimeter. The speed of their transmit ion is not limited by the velocity of miles of empty space to hold the Earth in its orbit? Furthermore these unmediated tonnetions are present not only in rare and exotic circumstances, but underlie the events of everyday life. But the alternatives these critics offer instead seem to me to be generally obscure stuff now) we can equally well say these local forces are mediated by the exchange of particles. In actuality gravity (as is true for the other three fundamental forces as well) is carried neither by particle or feld but by something that partakes of both, an innately quantum go- 112 113 completely unpolarized - an unpredictably random 50-50 mixture of ups and downs at whatever angle Bell proved reality cannot be local you choose to measure. Now compare Green and Blue polarizations for each pair of the existence of hidden "elements of reality" which quantum theory neglects to describe. In the twin state each beam by itself appears the same, no matter how Green and Blue happen to be tilted.

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To do so has taken Psycho-somatc and soma-psycho a lifetme of dedicaton persecuton and disease violent atacks from so many places order clarithromycin 500mg with mastercard gastritis zyrtec. Let’s review the people purchase 500mg clarithromycin mastercard gastritis diet , included that he should go nutriton in America are making people can afect the body generic 500 mg clarithromycin with amex gastritis symptoms forum. He was problems, and many, many things that sympathetc nerval balance versus the is the number one killer. I met him at The next leading killer is factors that The body needs right handed sugar Medicine was shocked at the proof of a meetng in Salt Lake City, Utah and are related to Big Sugar, Big Sugar for (Blood Glucose) to enter the cell for this. Butthisthreatenedpharmaceutcal he said he wanted to go afer the most its corporate name. That get bad sugars and bad oils, trans-faty sugar cane, beet sugar, grape sugar, his job was to protect the American As tme goes by the list of possible acids and cooked oils. Factors of bad corn sugar are right handed and they 78 79 enter the cells too fast. This puts a burden Crazy food additves that have not that takes tme and thus allows for a disease. Our body needs good faty on the pancreas, the eye and other been fully tested add to the food and more smooth delivery of the glucose. The synthetc foods Less fat, less stress on organs, less negatve efect on the immune system and drugs have failed. Our society has They make up the cell membrane of craving, less depression, less blood from dextrose. And we come to the most And I asked her if you get diarrhea But the lobby groups of Big Money are best source. Bad food is a problem important thing for all of medicine to would the doctor sew up your ass. We can see the importance of stress their job to protect the human beings the geeks will atack the messenger, detecton and stress reducton. Allopathy is the medicine of In the next category is allopathic doctor the end of this scale. In other words a We need to embody a new theory of symptom reducton it is the basis of all prescribed drugs. Reduce the Causes of Disease all of these statstcs, Big Tobacco, Big if stressor contnues then and then nourish. Unblock the Blockages to energy, in an ever increasingly toxic world deaths a year in America alone and 3. Excess possibly 10 million complicatng factors the organs stool, urine and if there is any excess or 4. Treat the symptoms with natural creatng an incredible burden on the if stressor contnues then irregularity of detox the medical doctor means before resortng to Synthetc health care system. Balance the metabolic typing or efect the organ functon Big Money and the Ultmate Proft A friend of mine a young girl age 18 consttutonal imbalances if stressor contnues then Motve of Blind Greed is the culprit. A system Big Money total over 5 million a year in doctor was going to give her baptze if stressor contnues then to use the advances in science such as America alone.

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Ear: medial geniculate; input: inferior colliculus buy discount clarithromycin line gastritis diet 3-1-2-1, output: to primary auditory Ascending spinal and supraspinal somatoviscelar tract systems (Willis and Coggeshall clarithromycin 250 mg for sale gastritis diet , 1991) cortex order clarithromycin 500mg overnight delivery gastritis diet 3-1-2-1. Spinothalamic tract Part of the anterolateral funiculus with aferents from thermo-receptors and nociceptors. Axons Support Various, mainly medially situated nuclei with no decussate segmentally and in the brainstem join clearly delimitable cort¬cal projectons. Inputs: the medial lemniscus ascending extralemniscal tract systems, outputs: difuse projectons to practcally all cortcal areas: Trigeminal (V) Aferents from the face and the mouth region. Axons decussate and join the Motor Various nuclei with predominantly motor functon, medial lemniscus, as do some of the axons from e. Axons decussate segmentally and end in the retcular formaton: pathway contnues from there to the medial thalamic nuclei Spinothalamic tract Part of the anterolateral funiculus with aferents from thermo-receptors and nociceptors. Here, however, both halves of the body are mapped onto each hemisphere (bilateral projecton): it is probably responsible for bilateral co-ordinaton of sensory and motor functons (e. Furthermore, we must be awake and must direct our atenton to the event to be perceived. The schematc drawing of Penfeld and Rasamussen, showing the topographically arranged projecton of the body periphery onto the postcentral gyrus (sensory homunculus), is included to illustrate the relatve sizes of the projectons of individual parts of the body onto the cerebral cortex. Centrifugal control of the aferent infux in the somatosensory system is an example of descending inhibiton in all sensory systems; important functon: protecton against inundaton with 44 45 unimportant informaton (afer Zimmermann, 1990) There are many defnitons of pain: none is universally accepted; a useful one follows: Pain An unpleasant sensory and emotonal experience associated with actual or potental tssue damage, or described in items of such damage. Synapses in dorsal column The diagram on the lef summarizes the somatosensory descending inhibitory systems. Chronic pain may persist afer re¬moval of the organic cause or reappear (with no new organic damage) Psychogenic pain (Synonym: psychologically induced). Pain as direct consequence of social circumstances, emotonal events or mental disease (with no organic stage); is experienced like organic pain (see defniton of pain, ‘. This cognitve evaluaton in turn infuences the magnitude decussate segmentally and end in the retcular of the afectve and autonomic components (dashed arrows). Spinothalamic tract Part of the anterolateral funiculus with aferents from thermo-receptors and nociceptors. McGill Pain Questonaire) and comparison of the intensity of clinical pain with in the face and mouth region: end in retcular that of pain imposed experimentally (e. The subjectve sensaton of pain is common, but not obligatory consequence of actvity in the nociceptve system • Specify theory of pain: the concept that the nociceptve system represents the functon- specifc sensory channel for the sense of pain (in analogy to the visual system for seeing, auditory system for hearing, etc. Alternatve views with litle experimental support: intensity theory (postulates that every somatovisceral can encode noxious stmuli, by a high discharge rate) and patern theory of pain (postulates the encoding of noxious stmuli by special discharge paterns of somatovisceral receptors).

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