the future.

We have created Futurum+ in a unique collaboration with leading Danish architects CF Møller. Our main idea was to create the future workrooms, innovation and not least function has been the main motivation for the development work.

We have conducted ourselves to a new reality and zoomed into the future workrooms and changing storage needs. We have raised the bar for what the traditional bookcase can do. It is our guarantee of a perfect and thoughtful design solution. For you who creates space, and for you who have to work in it.


In a modern world of increasing digitization the need for endless folders finally on the wane. The daily requirement is a simple and uncomplicated approach to few but important materials. We therefore created a system consisting of basic modules, which stands on the floor, raised on a small pedestal. For old cases that may have been completed. And yet not quite. The basic modules are easily and elegantly accompanied of a number of top modules - open or closed - which allows easy access to papers and things that are used daily.


The informal meeting is among the most relevant and effective meetings. Here the great ideas are created in a split second. From that thought there was not far to action. Futurum+ offers therefore seating module, that complements the storage modules in a sliding and natural motion.

A number of distribution modules open the concept fully. Most people works in some kind of grouping. With Futurum + we now give you a free rein to organize a compartment or a special zone in different geometries with 45 or 90 degree bends and distributed in three directions. And suddenly we have dissolved the common room and set the directions, there in total silence communicates and calls for action. Follow red, blue or green, depending on what you are looking for.


A special module allows you to add all sorts of additional features, such as plant decoration, storing toys, magazines, umbrella stand, wardrobe functionality and more.

That is just one of the reasons for believing we have created a concept for the future.